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June 6, 2018
Dear Sister Dames,

It was a pleasure to see most of you last Saturday at our Spring General Membership Meeting.  Thank you to all who attended. 
I would like to wish a warm welcome to all of our amazing new Dames.  New committees are forming for the new fiscal year starting July 1; so, look for announcements to come and see which committee you would like to join. Rest assured, we also will be reaching out to you individually!
I want to thank my board for its support and good work this past year. Certainly, thanks go to past president Ann Stratte for being our board's stalwart advisor. I know she will be a wonderful LDEI president come October. A big thanks to Julia Rutland for being my right-hand Dame as first VP. She and her membership committee recruited a stellar new class of Dames. She is methodical and thorough which will serve us all well as she steps into the recording secretary role this coming year. We appreciate Bonnie Benwick's organizing and hosting a well-received series of Dames-only professional development classes. A special thanks as well to all of the Dames who participated as instructors. Thank you to Kristen Hartke who helped Bonnie with her classes and also served as our communications secretary overseeing our social media and other public outreach activities and to Summer Whitford for getting media placements about our programs. How could we have had such a good year without Eileen Dykes who managed our finances and investments, kept the books AND co-chaired our incredibly successful WIG with Laurie Bell.  Eileen and Laurie are so organized and enthusiastic that they are already deep into plans for the 2020 symposium. Thanks to Katherine Newell Smith for stepping in as recording secretary as she also produced our twice-monthly Entre News and served as our board nominations chair. We appreciate the efforts of Bette Alberts and then Janet Cam as our development chairs as they worked to cultivate a donor base for our chapter. They have made valuable progress. And, we always appreciate Polly Wiedmaier' s enthusiastic and dynamic participation in our social media outreach.  She will be such a good communications secretary this coming year.  I am so excited now to welcome our new board that takes office July 1.  More to come.

If you have not done so already, please submit your annual Les Dames d'Escoffier dues for the 2018-19 membership year which begins July 1. The deadline for payment is June 30, 2018. Dues received after this date will be charged a $25.00 late fee, no exceptions. Members whose dues are not received by July 31, 2018 will not be eligible for membership in 2018-19, will be removed from LDEI and directories/email lists, and will need to reapply for membership.  See info below in Dues Due.   If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before the designated deadline.

Thank you for all you do to help achieve LDE-DC's mission.
Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or concerns.

Tel: (301) 537-8822
Yours truly,
Janet Yu

Les Dames d'Escoffier International, Washington, D.C. Chapter

You still have time to submit your annual Les Dames d'Escoffier dues, penalty free, for the 2018-19 membership year which begins July 1The deadline for payment is June 30, 2018. Dues received after this date will be charged a $25.00 late fee, no exceptions. Members whose dues are not received by July 31, 2018 will not be eligible for membership in 2018-19, will be removed from LDEI and Chapter directories/email lists, and will need to reapply for membership.

The TOTAL dues payment is $185.00 of which $100.00 is our Washington, D.C., Chapter Dues and $85.00 goes to Les Dames d'Escoffier International Dues. Membership benefits include the Quarterly magazine, bimonthly e-newsletter, webinars, interactive LDEI website, affinity partner programs and our annual conference.

 You can pay your dues two ways:

1) Eventbrite to pay on-line with a credit card.  
Click here to pay on-line using Eventbrite.
Press the green "tickets" button to begin the process.
Please use the password: lesdames2018

2)  print out and complete the Membership Dues Form, click here for the form, and send with your personal or company check, payable to  Les Dames D'Escoffier,  to:  Eileen Dykes, LDE-DC Treasurer
 14636 Pommel Drive
  Rockville, MD 20850
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Janet Yu at  before the designated deadline.

EcoCity Farms sent this photo showing how our dollars helped repair its tents damaged from this past winter's severe weather. 


 Ecocity Farm's Molly Ross, Edmonston Farm Manager
Janet Yu, President  
Janet is will serve a second year as president of LDE-DC. Janet  has been the owner and operator of Hollywood East Café since 1996. She serves on the executive committee of the Committee for Montgomery, an advocacy group in Annapolis working on issues of importance to Montgomery County and the State of Maryland and is on the board of directors of One Montgomery Green. Janet looks forward to engaging with members to bring out Dames talents as we work to educate the public and ourselves.
Stacey Adams, First Vice President
As first vice president, Stacey plans to work to increase member engagement by providing opportunities to network, learn and volunteer.  She will work with local leaders to help identify strong candidates for membership and focus on post-induction mentoring to ensure that new members have the support they need to get involved on committees whose work reflect their interests. 
She has served on the board in various capacities over the past several years. She worked with the board to re-design Entre News; develop a process to keep an accurate email database for our members and non-members and ensure that program information and chapter news reached the right individuals in a timely manner. She also was the administrator of our chapter's Facebook page. This familiarity with our chapter's operations should prove helpful in her new capacity.
Eileen Dykes, Second Vice President, Education and Community Outreach
Eileen spent this past year as financial officer for LDE-DC and the two previous years as second vice president in charge of education and community outreach.  She has co-chaired Women in Gastronomy for the past four symposiums and plans to do so again in 2020. She understands the importance of programs as a means of outreach and education in our region as well as a revenue source for the chapter.
Julia Rutland, Recording Secretary
Julia most recently served as first vice president during the 2017-18 fiscal year. Julia is a D.C. area-based freelance writer, recipe developer, author, and food stylist. Before starting her own business, Julia served as senior editor at Coastal Living magazine, in the test kitchens with Southern Living and as a sales and marketing consultant for Wimmer Cookbooks.  She will use her skills to produce  timely and accurate records of our board and chapter meetings.
Claire Gill - Financial Officer
Claire is the chief marketing officer for the National Osteoporosis Foundation with 20+ years of experience creating successful communications programs for Fortune 500 companies in food and beverage, consumer packaged goods and financial services as well as national nonprofit organizations.  Claire wants to bring her skills to work with the board to ensure that our chapter is financially healthy and able to meet its mission through programs and grants that support women in our fields. 
Laurie Bell, Director - co-chair WIG Symposium and program committee
Laurie is in her second year of a two-year term as a director with a focus on programs. She co-chaired the Women in Gastronomy with Eileen Dykes in 2018 and plans a repeat performance in 2020. Prior to becoming a director, she was LDE-DC's second vice president in charge of education and  community outreach. Laurie has enjoyed a 30-year career in various aspects of the culinary world including chef, educator and tea specialist. She looks forward to supporting our organization as a director.
Summer Whitford, Director - Public Relations
Summer will serve her second year of a two-year director term and continue to chair LDE-DC's public relations committee. Summer is D.C. City Guide Editor for The Daily Meal, the world's largest food, drink, and travel website with 15 million readers. As a lifestyle writer, her work has been published in The LA Times, The Baltimore Sun, with Culture Trip, and in other major national and international publications. She looks forward to contributing to LDE-DC using her connections and experience in public education and community outreach  to publicize our activities and help our chapter reach deeper into the culinary world to attract accomplished, deserving women.  
Polly Wiedmaier,  Communications Secretary
Polly most recently served a two-year term as a director and chair of our social media committee. She brings a great deal of experience to the job. As chief communications officer for the RW Restaurant Group, she oversees all the social media accounts for their various restaurants. She offers her considerable expertise, with a broader mandate, to her new role with the chapter.
Ann Stratte, Director, Immediate Past President
Ann owns My Personal Chef, a catering company, in Annapolis, MD.  A graduate of Cordon Bleu, Paris, Ann owned a small catering business in Minneapolis for three years and then spent twenty-five years in the corporate food world. She was a member of the Atlanta chapter before joining LDE-DC in 2000. She was LDE-DC's president in 2015-2017, co-chaired the 2016 LDEI Annual conference in Washington, DC and has served in a number of positions on the LDE-DC and LDEI boards. She served as secretary of LDEI and is presently its first vice president.
Karen Lippold - chair, Dames Who Dine
Karen is the founder and owner of Gourmet by Karen - a catering company serving the Maryland-DC-Virginia area since 2005.  She has lived and worked extensively throughout Asia, Africa and Europe and specializes in cuisines from around the world.  A member of Les Dames d'Escoffier since 2011, she is excited to serve as a director on the board.  Having attended many Dames Who Dine dinners over the years and being very passionate about fostering relationships among members, she is looking forward to chairing the Dames who Dine program.   
Susan Lutz, Director - chair, Green Tables
Susan is enthusiastic about being actively involved on our board and learning more about the inner working of our chapter as she serves a two-year term as director. She was previously an alternate director and chairs our Green Tables committee. She is a former television producer and lists multi-tasking as one of her strong suits.
Lori Gardner - Alternate Director - chair, Member Engagement
Lori is the founder of Been There, Eaten That, a restaurant review blog established in 2010, that highlights restaurants in the DC area.  Lori has been a membership and marketing professional for 40 years. She is the Senior Director, Communications and Marketing for the Association of Community Cancer Centers, which includes oversight of the membership department.  Throughout her career she has led creative efforts to recruit and retain members, with a focus on membership engagement and new member outreach.  She would like to bring this expertise to the chapter to increase involvement and participation, particularly among new members.
Diane Neas - Parliamentarian
President Janet Yu appointed Diane Neas to be the chapter's parliamentarian. The parliamentarian may or may not be a director. If she is not a director, as is the case with Diane this year, she does not have board voting privileges. Diane is well versed in Robert's Rules of Order and proper meeting procedures. She looks forward to assisting Janet to draft, edit and interpret our chapter bylaws and standing rules and help the her conduct our board, committee and general membership meetings.


Many of you had the opportunity to meet nine of our ten new sister Dames at the General Membership Meeting on June 2 at Ris restaurant. The aim is to get them on committees and working with other Dames soon! For those of you who missed the meeting, here they are:   
Front Row: l-r  Patty Collette, Tambra Stevenson, Deb Lindsey, Maru Valdes
Back Row:  Paula Johnson, Erin Reed, Katharine Mardirosian, Micheline Mendelsohn, Laura Kumin, and First VP Membership Julia Rutland 
Deb Lindsey
Deb Lindsey has been a photographer in the DC area since graduation from The University of Maryland. She was a photo editor at The Washington Post for 17 years and freelance photographer specializing in food and wedding, running her own business since 2007.
"I wish to work closer with the food community I've gotten to know over the last few years. I look forward to contributing with LDEI's educational outreach as well as mentorship programs. Other areas of contribution include event coverage, social media, promotion and food photography. Committee preferences include education, PR-communications, and website-social media."
Erin Reed
Pastry Chef Erin Reed joined Park Hyatt Washington, D.C. in 2017. She leads all pastry operations at the hotel, including its landmark restaurant Blue Duck Tavern. Previously Chef Reed served as executive pastry chef of Daniel Boulud's DBGB in Washington, D.C. She has also served as executive pastry chef at Buddakan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as helped to launch pastry programs at various Kimpton properties. Erin has earned certificates in both culinary and advanced baking and pastry. Her Bachelor of Science degree is in Hospitality Management from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts.
"Being a member of the Les Dames d'Escoffier would really help me to be involved in the female chef and hospitality community which I think is a great asset and opportunity for collaboration and growth. I think I could bring a unique perspective on creativity and style. I have a lot of opinions and will fight for things that I am passionate about. I also love what I do and have a wealth of knowledge that I would enjoy sharing." Committee preferences include educational programs, fundraising, leadership-strategic planning, website-social media, and scholarships-mentoring programs."
Johanna Mendelson Forman
In a wide-ranging career in international affairs, Johanna Mendelson Forman has built a reputation for addressing longstanding issues with new perspectives and innovative ideas. By recognizing the nexus between food, war, and civic engagement, she has become one of the leading voices in the emerging movement of Social Gastronomy. Mendelson Forman is also a Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center, where she heads the Food Security Program. Mendelson Forman holds a J.D. from Washington College of Law at American University, a Ph.D. in Latin American history from Washington University, St. Louis, and a Master's of International Affairs, with a certificate of Latin America studies from Columbia University in New York.  She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
"Since I began my journey linking food with conflict and diaspora studies I have been privileged to have had many mentors and supporters.  Among them have been members of Les Dames who have reached out to me and included me in many events.   These programs and conversations have helped me become a better scholar.  I have been honored to have been invited to speak at the national conference and also at the LDEI-DC Chapter.  Meeting so many talented and extraordinary women who are engaged in all forms of gastronomy has been an important part of my education.  It would be a great honor to become a member of such a distinguished group of women in the culinary field. If admitted for membership I would like to participate in a number of ways: in meetings, program planning and helping to bring some of my expertise as a scholar of food and social gastronomy to the membership.  I would also enjoy participating in programs, sharing ideas, and learning from other members.  Bringing my network into the already robust one of LDEI-DC would also be important in terms of engaging others in the field of culinary research to be part of the LDEI program." Committee preferences include educational program, scholarships-mentoring, and leadership-strategic planning."
Katherine Mardirosian
After several years working as a business consultant, Katherine took time off to raise her family and start an edible school garden.  In 2009 her love of simple soups and a desire to start a business led her to test market a variety of soups and broths with friends and family.  The following spring, Katherine began selling soup at the Reston Farmer's market and by the fall, her company was in MOM's Organic Market.  Nine years later, her company is proud to have their very own soup kitchen in Herndon, VA, selling directly from the retail store to more than a dozen small and mid-size grocery and specialty food stores. 100 Bowls of Soup is a soup and broth making company dedicated to creating truly nourishing and flavorful food. We are a team of home trained cooks and artisans, passionate about creating simple, delicious and nutritious food from scratch.  We love experimenting in our kitchen, trying new ingredients, exploring new flavor combinations and creating wholesome, healthful soups, bone and vegetable broths that meet a variety of dietary needs. Ingredients are organic, locally grown, pasture-raised and grass fed and menu changes with the seasons. 
"I am honored to be nominated to become a member of Les Dames d'Escoffier, LDEI-DC Chapter.  As a member I believe I would have the opportunity to learn so much from such a talented and experienced group of professional chefs.  I also believe I could share my perspective as an entrepreneur. At 100 Bowls of Soup, we love to partner with organizations who share our food and cooking philosophy.  We also believe in supporting fellow food entrepreneurs.  We have hosted cooking classes, community soup making events and most recently a Slow Food DC tasting evening in our Herndon kitchen.  We would love the opportunity to host a LDEI-DC event, series of cooking classes or meal.  We have also donated soup to local charity events and shelters."
Laura Kumin
Laura Kumin is a  food writer, blogger, teacher of cooking-related topics, and a cooking coach for adolescents and young adults with learning issues. She writes a blog, Mother Would Know, aimed at those who want to become more confident and creative home cooks. Her first book, The Hamilton Cookbook, was published in November 2017.
"The LDEI-DC members I know are amazing women! When I meet women in the local food scene who I would like to get to know better, it almost always turns out that they are already members of the chapter. Having attended and enjoyed several LDEI-DC Chapter programs, I believe that I have a lot to learn from being in the chapter and a lot to contribute as well. I particularly appreciate the chapter's work with local schools and other organizations and would like to participate in that work to benefit our community.
I enjoy meeting new people and bringing people together, so I would like to maximize networking opportunities for Dames and other women in the food and hospitality industries. As an LDEI-DC member, I would bring that enthusiasm to chapter activities and my interactions with other members. In addition, I am a longtime volunteer/manager of volunteers for other causes and would like to bring to Les Dames my knowledge and experience organizing events and volunteers." Committee preferences include outreach, Global Culinary Initiative, Green Tables, and education.
Maru Valdez
Maru  has been in the food industry for over a decade where she has held several leading roles including directing communications and public relations initiatives for Chef Jose Andres and ThinkfoodGroup; leading agriculture and food security communications campaigns at the World Bank and other non-profit organizations; and most recently becoming a partner and heading marketing, branding and media relations for fast casual Colada Shop, and Chef Ryan Ratino's Bresca. 
"I wish to become a member of LDEI because I believe I can contribute to the greater good of the organization.  I want to learn from this talented group of female leaders, many of them whom I greatly admire and respect.  I believe that being part of this group will help me grow professionally and I will be able to use that acquired expertise to help other women succeed in their careers. In addition to having ample experience on food security and agricultural issues at home and abroad, I also navigate the hospitality industry with much ease.  Furthermore, I excel in developing communication strategies for brands, non-profits, restaurants, and products.  I believe that my expertise could be of great value to fellow members. I have experience working in a myriad of food and hospitality fields where I provided technical guidance to develop a culture of communication results within the organizations. In these positions, I contributed to enhance the impact of their work - whether it was raising awareness on food security issues or improving their revenue sales at restaurants -  using multiple original forms of outreach in the areas of social media marketing, advocacy campaigns, media outreach, distance-learning workshops, event planning, and other state-of-the-art communications tools. I believe that my academic background and my work experience have provided me with a holistic approach to innovation in the food and hospitality realm as well as with communication strategy development.  I am certain that this unique set of abilities will be a great asset to this organization." Committee preferences inlcude PR-communications.
Micheline Mendelsohn
Micheline Mendelsohn Luhn brings her unparalleled marketing and communications expertise to the Sunnyside Restaurant Group. Her education in journalism and Master's degree in International Relations from The University of Chicago prepared her to launch Good Stuff Eatery into the limelight with her public relations and social media plans. She continued that success with the opening of We, The Pizza and Santa Rosa Taqueria, both fast casual brands. Micheline plays a major role in the expansion of these brands across the globe. She serves on the Board of Directors for DC Central Kitchen.
"I'd like to interact with other women in my field and be able to help and learn from women leaders in my industry. I have a deep passion for philanthropic work through the various organizations we support in our restaurants and my membership with DC Central Kitchen - I would like to expand that work. Most importantly I think bringing a group of women with shared interests is the key to personal and business success. As my company grows I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity through an organization that is specific to the hospitality industry and where I can create meaningful relationships. My knowledge in public relations and events management in Washington, DC is vast. I've worked in political communications on Capitol Hill and then made the switch to the restaurant industry, with my family.  I've also been at the helm of developing and maintaining three very successful (knock on wood) restaurant concepts and managing public relations and careers of some well known DC Chefs. In the last several years we have begun to franchise locally and overseas, this was a huge learning process and we continue to grow as a franchising company."
Patty Collette
Patty Collette is an award-winning, blue-ribbon pastry chef, with awards for both presentation and taste. Her cakes have been featured on CNN, Oprah and Entertainment Tonight. A few of her clients include Vice President Al Gore, Sharon Rockefeller, Barbara Streisand, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Alan Greenspan, Steve Case, Cokie Roberts, and the Smithsonian Institution with five exhibit openings.
"I admire and respect the members I have met and the mission of promoting women in the cuisine and culinary arts industry. I am a firm believer that women need to support each other and lend help, in whatever form, when needed. I am a very effective networker and attend numerous special events and restaurant to openings and meetings in the DC area. I can spread the word and mission and encourage others to support these events. I want to share knowledge of pastry and decorating techniques and have taught numerous classes at several locations." Committee preferences include educational programs and fundraising.
Paula Johnson
As the Curator of Food History at the NMAH, Paula Johnson conducts research, collects objects and documents, and has curated many exhibitions, including "Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian" and "FOOD: Transforming the American Table." She heads the museum's food history research and collecting initiatives and works with an interdisciplinary team to develop the annual Food History Weekend and many other public programs relating to the history of food and its production, distribution, preparation, and consumption in the U.S.  
"As a public historian and curator, I am committed to conducting professional research, building collections of significant artifacts and documents, and presenting aspects of American history through exhibitions and programs for the benefit of a broad and diverse public. Perhaps one of the professional experiences that has distinguished me in the field is my role in collecting Julia Child's home kitchen and continuing to care for it and interpret it within the context of American culinary history as part of our food history work at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. I have a great deal of respect for the work of the organization and its members, and wish to contribute to its continued success. I believe I can contribute most to LDEI's educational and outreach goals. I have participated in two conferences-2016 and 2018-and presented remarks as part of a panel at the 2016 meeting."  Committee preferences include educational programs and scholarships-mentoring.
Tambra Stevenson
Featured in Forbes and the Washington Post, Tambra Raye Stevenson is a sought after speaker, author and founder/CEO of WANDA. She has spoken internationally on preserving African food ways and the role of woman and girls in the food sector in Europe, Africa, and at the World Bank, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Library of Congress, African Union. She holds degrees in nutrition and health communication from Tufts and Oklahoma State.
"Now more than ever, the support of sisterhood in the food sector and being of service to the next generation is my life's mission; Les Dames d'Escoffier provides the community of supportive woman and opportunity to celebrate and promote cuisine as art, diplomacy and community building tool. Lastly have the pleasure to meet dynamic women of LDEI from Chef Carla Hall, Patti Jinich, Drew Faulkner, and Nancie McDermott and reading the words of Edna Lewis also solidified my desire to become a member. My transferable talents to support the chapter range from program development, procurement, communications to strategic partnerships along with resource development." Committee preferences include fundraising and grants.
NOTE: In the last issue of EN we gave a shout out to Susan Soorenko for her soon-to-open Moorenko's Ice Cream in historic Ellicott City. As you likely know, Ellicott City was devastated, once again, by catastrophic flooding and Susan's shop was badly damaged. Thankfully, she had not yet moved equipment into the space. If you want to reach out to Susan and offer any kind of assistance, please send her a note to find out what is needed,
Joan Bacharach'sTreasured Landscapes: National Park Service Art Collections Tell America's Stories book and web exhibit that she curated with staff at over 55 national parks, received the Organization of American Historians 2018 Stanton-Horton Award for Excellence in National Park Service History.
Trisha King, Gluten-free Bakery Girl, announces that her St. Michael's shop is now shipping nationwide.

Summer gig for a college student: Part time driver needed for Moorenkos' Ice Cream.  Contact Susan Soorenko  at
Spring General Membership Meeting
We welcomed 66 members to our Spring General Membership Meeting at Ris Restaurant on June 2 plus nine of our 10 new Dames who also joined us for lunch.

  Dames wrapping up its 2018 Spring General Membership Meeting

Grantee and new Dame Tambra Raye Stevenson of IamWANDA describing the Wanda doll, a food explorer and advocate.

Our stellar host, Ris LaCoste

 Aviva Goldfarb with new member Deb Lindsey

Ris' Crown of Cauliflower

l to r:  Jodi Lehr, Gladys Abi-Najm, Mel Davis and Rosa Mendoza. In the background is Polly Wiedmaier, Linda Roth, Celeste McCall and Sophia Maroon.

City Blossoms Fiesta
Green Tables grantee, City Blossoms, turned 10 and held a special fundraiser fiesta at its garden studio in NW DC's Brightwood Park neighborhood on June 1. Ann Stratte attended as a guest of City Blossoms as a thank you for our providing garden boxes of basic kitchen utensils to its teaching garden.  

Blossom bedecked CityBlossom volunteers flanking LDE-DC's logo. 

A Fine Line Documentary
DC Dames gather to celebrate the opening of Johanna Jones (NE) A Fine Line documentary explores why only 6% of head chefs and restaurant owners are women when traditionally women have always held a central role in the kitchen.

l-r Kristen Hartke, Cindy Kacher, Katherine Tallmadge, Ruth Gresser, Laurie Alleman Weber, Janis McLean, Ann Stratte. Not pictured, Bonnie Benwick and Jen Crovato.

Sotterley Plantation Tour and Lunch - Sheila Crye
Of the thirty guests our Sotterley Plantation tour and lunch, only three were Dames. Many were frequent Dames program attendees and a number came as a result of an invitation to the Culinary Historians of Washington. 
We planned this event as a follow up to our recent Frederick Douglass house museum tour and the VIP tour of the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. Our aim was to add to our appreciation of the complicated history of slavery in the United States. For me, it was shocking to learn that the 1830s-era slave cabin was occupied well into the 20th century by African American sharecroppers.

Another surprise was that descendants of both the slave owners and the enslaved worked together to make the plantation a national historic landmark. Representatives from both groups sit on the nonprofit museum's board of directors and only a few weeks ago the white and African American descendant families held a reunion at Sotterley.

National Museum of African American History and Culture, 
VIP Curator-led Tour of Foodways Exhibits with Dutch-treat brunch following at the Sweet Home Café 
This tour on April 20, arranged by Joan Bacharach, received rave reviews from attendees for providing rare access and stellar presenters. A year after opening, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture continues to attract enthusiastic crowds. Our group was no exception, except we were given a VIP tour before the museum opened to the public to the exhibits with presentations by Dr. John Franklin, the museum's cultural historian and senior manager in the Office of External Affairs, and other members of his staff. It is rare for a museum to be able to present exhibits that engender such a broad range of emotional response, from heart aching anguish for the suffering wrought upon fellow human beings over centuries to absolute joy at hearing Marion Anderson sing from the steps of the Lincoln memorial to pride for the contributions made by African American Dames to our rich culinary history. There is so much to see that several trips are needed to only begin to appreciate the powerful impact and importance of African American citizens in our country. The group enjoyed lunch following its tour at Sweet Home Café. (Carla Hall is the museum's culinary ambassador.)

Dr. John Franklin presenting to the group

Chef Leah Chase's chef jacket from Dooky Chase's Restaurant

Museum curator Joanne Hyppolite presenting to the group

l-r Janis McLean, Sue McLean, Edith Graves in the Sweet Home Café 

l to r:  Julia Rutland, Paula Shoyer, Rose Clifford, Eileen Dykes and others enjoy the meal at Sweet Home Cafe.  

 Linda Forristal, her husband and others enjoy the meal at Sweet Home Cafe.   
Natucket Food and Wine Festival

Lizette Corro   ( second from right) attended the Nantucket Food and Wine Festival May 16- 20, where she ran into Nancy Matheson-Burns (NE) (3rd from left) and a group of equally charming Dames, plus a cadet,  whose names we have not as yet secured. Rest assured,  a good time was had by all.
Join Stephanie Hersh, executive personal assistant to Grande Dame  Julia Child for nearly 16 years, as she shares some delicious and humorous "behind the scenes" stories about what it was like to work with this revered culinary icon. She is pleased to share her passion about all things culinary. Don't miss this special opportunity to hear Stephanie and enjoy a special luncheon inspired by her time with Julia. 
DATE:  Saturday, June 16
TIME:  11:30 a.m.
PLACE: Atwater's Big Kitchen, 2905 Whittington Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21230
PRICE: Dames $40.00; Non-Dames $50.00 (includes a $10 tax deductible donation to LDE-DC scholarships) for presentation and lunch, including wine and beverages. Tours of Atwater's Kitchen follow for interested attendees.
Directions:  Atwater's is 29 miles from the Beltway at I-95
Take I-95 N to Exit 50-A (S. Caton Avenue.
Continue on S. Caton Ave.
Turn left onto Washington Blvd.
Turn right onto Inverness Avenue.
Turn left onto Whittington Ave.
Atwater's Big Kitchen will be on your right.
Free parking in lots near the building. 

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE: VIP Curator-led Tour of Foodways  Exhibit with Dutch-treat brunch following at the Sweet Home Café - Sold out! 
Since the first trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture sold out so quickly and we had a 65 person waitlist, Joan Bacharach kindly arranged another tour on July 25.  
DATE:  July 25, 2018
TIME:  8:45 a.m.
PLACE: National Museum of African American History and Culture, 1400 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20560

LDE-New York invites you to its October 1 The Next Big Bite at the New York Law School, 185 Broadway in New York City from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. This year, culinary experts will examine "What We Will Cook, Eat, Drink and Crave in 2019." This is LDE-NYC's fourth annual trend-watching event. Click here for Save the Date flyer.

The evening promises to be festive as well as informative, including opportunity to network and enjoy great food and drink. The chapter has arranged a special discount for out-of-town attendees at the Duane Street Hotel in Manhattan.  An invitation will follow with ticketing details.  This is typically a sold-out event. 
In addition, web streaming capabilities will be available for LDEI members who would like to view The Next Big Bite individually, or to chapters to host events that night to stream the event.  Consider following the lead of our Kentucky chapter that is throwing a cocktail party at a local hotel for members to view the live-streaming altogether.

Last year's The Next Big Bite was hosted by former Food & Wine Editor Dana Cowin, with panelists including Melissa Clark and Padma Lakshmi. This year's speakers will be announced shortly.
We look forward to welcoming our fellow LDEI Dames at The Next Big Bite. 

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ENTRE NEWS is published on the first and  third Wednesday of each month.  It is on hiatus during the month of August. Deadline for HURRAH! and other news is the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Please send a BRIEF paragraph with your professional and personal news that you would like your sister Dames to know about in HURRAH!

HURRAH! is not meant as an advertising opportunity for a cooking class or event, rather it offers a shout out to members for recent accomplishments and honors.   Please submit your HURRAH to in a succinct 75 words of less.
OF INTEREST offers Dames a chance to let their sister chapter members know about events they are involved in that might be of interest to a majority of the membership.  Its function is not to promote products, cooking classes, culinary trips, etc., rather to alert members to public programs that might be of professional interest, especially if Dames are featured.   We request OF INTEREST entries to be no longer than 150 words. Less is always better.
JOB OPPS can open Dames networks to employment opportunities.
Send information to Entre News Editor Katherine Newell Smith  
Thank you for you continued interest and participation.

Katherine Newell Smith
Founding Editor, Entre News  

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Susan Lutz



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Amy Riolo 


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Board Members

Katherine Newell Smith   
Financial Officer
Eileen Dykes   
Communications Officer
Kristen Hartke
Polly Wiedmaier (Social Media)
Summer Whitford (Public Relations)
Janet Cam (Development)
Laurie Bell (Programs)
Susan Lutz  (Green Tables)

Entre News Update:
Please submit your Entre News information in a brief, concise statement to Katherine Newell Smith at
Board Meeting Minutes
To view the latest approved board meeting minutes, go to and

click on the Members Only tab  and enter the password.  Click on  the dropdown menu for LDE-DC Board and  you will see a link to the board meeting minutes. During each monthly board meeting, the board approves the previous month's minutes and they are then posted to our website. 

Members-Only Section to our Website

It is easy to find chapter documents and resources, our event archives and past editions of Entre News.  


We now have a single password that all Dames must use to access the Members Only section of the website.  The password is ldedc2014.  Please do not share this password with anyone outside of the Chapter.


If you are having trouble logging into the website please contact our Communications Officer, Kristen Hartke, at  


Once you log in under Members Only, you will see a revised menu where you can find:

  • past and current Entre News issues posted under the Entre News Archives tab.
  • archives of past chapter activities in the LDE-DC Dame Only Events menu along with upcoming events.
  • helpful files including chapter letterhead, name tag template, LDEI logos and tax-exempt certificates under Documents and Forms.
  • our chapter's standing rules, bylaws and membership roster under Bylaws, Roster & Minutes.  
  • A roster of Dames that can be printed out.
Quick Links

Member Milestones - Share your professional news with Dames in all Chapters in our LDEI Quarterly.   Shout, don't whisper, about your accomplishments. We all want a chance to say "Bravo!"

Submit your news to: - Edited by - Edited by Dorothy Koteski (Phil)
LDEI Quarterly Deadlines:
The deadline for sending in Member Milestones and Chapter News for the FALL issue of the LDEI Quarterly is  August 1, 2018.
Archived Quarterly magazines 
are available online.  If you are not receiving hard copies of Quarterly, please check your online contact information at  If it is correct, please contact Greg Jewell to make sure you are on the mailing list.

Milestone Submission:
PROVIDE DAME'S NAME and CHAPTER. Submit up to 50 words about honors or important business-related activities to appear in the LDEI Quarterly. You may email a quality headshot to accompany your news. Press releases and cookbook covers are not accepted. Entries received after the deadline may appear in a following issue.
Quarterly Guidelines:
Photography/Images-Electronic images must be properly focused, in color with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (TIFF or JPEG). Cell phone photos are acceptable if they meet resolution requirements. Do not send photos taken off the internet or embedded with text in Word files or PDF files. Identify individuals in photos from left to right in the message of your email. Include photo credits, if required. CAPTIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR PUBLICATION.
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